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Our carefully curated and collected items ( trays, pillows, accent furnishings and more)  are selected or designed by award winning designer, Evelyn Eshun who is passionate about providing every client with a comfortable, functional and elegant space which reflects their life and style...We often have items which have been collected or made especially for us for the use on our various projects. We only select quality items to create the EED ; Modern Yet Classic Collection to share with you. Locally sourced and curated.... made by local craftspeople and qualified trades. 

We are happy to share this collection of one of a kind items made one by one by us to share with you...

'designing and decorating with the innate ability to create essentially classic and timeless interiors while remaining utterly modern and forward-looking'

Evelyn Eshun

Toronto Designer

About Us

Evelyn Eshun Design Collection

curated and collected.....

We will have more products coming soon... Evelyn is collecting, designing and curating items to create a 'designer curated collection' of one of a kind and unique items for you to purchase and create that 'personalized touch' in your home....

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